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Founded in 1991, we are the leading travel research company in Finland.
Every day we personally interview over 50 foreign travelers visiting Finland.

Over the last 25 years, we have served hundreads of companies and organizations in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. We have conducted research in Finland, Russia and other countries in Europe. At the moment, due to the growing number of Chinese tourists in Finland, we are also aiming to operate research in China as well.

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Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to help our customers understand tourism and traveling in Finland, by providing accurate, high-quality information about the industry, in an easy to understand and appealing manner.

VISION: Make Finland the largest tourist destination in the Nordic countries

Our service

What we offer


Quality above all! We quarantee the highest quality for all our research


Our love and affection towards what we do is really the driving force in our company


We use the latest technology and reserch methods to get the best possible results and reports


As a small company, we are very nimble and can provide flexibility to you changing needs


Our researchers are members of ESOMAR and following their code of conduct is a matter of honor for us


To get the job done in time is of our top priorities


What we have created

Travel Research (inc. TAK Border Research)

We interview annually 20 000 foreing visitors at 12 different border stations, and 1000's of Finnish travelers, visiting Estonia, at ferries between Finland and Estonia.

This way we gather information, not only about travelers who visit Finland (profiles and motives), but also where these people travel in Finland, and how much money they use.

Understanding the tourism sector in Finland is the main goal of this reseach!

Tourism Income and Employment

By utilizing a variety of statistics and our own research data, we calculate tourism income and number of jobs created by tourism, for each municipality and province in Finland.

We use the Nordic method, in which, on top of traveler surveys, also companies are queried about the structure of their income between tourist and local residents.

All results for different areas are comparable in this research!

Travel Statistics and Other Travel Related Surveys

We like to share our knowledge, and publish the vast majority of the travel statistics we hold, in our Travel Statistics service:


We also, from time to time, approach travelers by email surveys and online panels to deepen our understanding in the motives of tourism.

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Chief Executive Officer

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Research Interviewers

Meet our international team of research interviewers

Maria, Fennie, Johanna, Ksenia, Vesa, Woong, Anton, Khasif, Andrey

In addition (not in the photo): Justyna, Luiza, Juuso, Iouri, Erno & Olga


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